Auto spare parts car front cv axle wheel drive shaft for Toyota OEM 43420-0E040



Discover the Excellence of Our Drive Shaft

Uncover the superior performance of our Drive Shaft for Toyota OEM 43420-0E040. Engineered from robust S55C steel, our drive shaft offers unparalleled reliability and increased vehicle control. The OE standard size ensures an ideal fit for your vehicle. With a 24-month warranty, you can trust in the exceptional quality of our drive shaft.

Enhanced Vehicle Control and Reduced Vibration

Our Drive Shaft has been meticulously designed to provide smooth power transmission, enhancing vehicle maneuverability and reducing vibrations. This gives you a more comfortable and controlled driving experience, making long drives more enjoyable and less taxing on the vehicle.

Success Story: The Toyota Highlander

This Drive Shaft has been successfully implemented in the Toyota Highlander models from 2004-2007. With its OE standard size, robust S55C steel construction, and 24-month warranty, the Drive Shaft has performed exceptionally, enhancing the vehicle’s performance and reliability.

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We have been specializing in the production of drive shafts since 2002. Boasting more than 500 different items, we offer a wide array of products including Driveshaft Assembly, joint, and Bearing, among others. Our focus on quality and competitive pricing, complemented by our comprehensive service, makes us a preferred choice among customers.

Why Choose Our Drive Shaft?

Our Drive Shaft comes with a 100% inspection guarantee, ensuring you receive a product of the highest quality. We offer customized service, meaning we can cater to your specific needs. Furthermore, our products are certified under ISO9001/TS16949, guaranteeing a globally recognized standard of quality.

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Discover the difference a high-quality Drive Shaft can make to your vehicle’s performance. Don’t wait, explore our product today and experience the superior performance and reliability for yourself. Trust in our quality and make the switch today.

TypeDrive ShaftCar ModelFor Toyota
MaterialS55COE No.434200E040
CertificateTS16949/ISO9001Warranty24 Months
MOQ200 pcsCustomized ServiceAccept

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the warranty on your Drive Shaft?

A: We offer a 24-month warranty on our Drive Shaft.

Q2: Do you offer customized service?

A: Yes, we do offer customized service to cater to your specific needs.

Q3: How do you ensure the quality of your products?

A: Our products undergo a 100% inspection before delivery to ensure the highest quality.